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Our Dentists

Each of our dentists are highly qualified and dedicated to ensuring that they deliver the best dental treatment for you and your family.

Dr Alex Goichman (B.Med.Sc D.M.D)

Dr Alexander Goichman has been practicing clinical dentistry since 2001; he is an experienced clinician with attention to details and passion towards dental restoration and rehabilitation involving implants, crowns and complex facial and smile makeovers.

Early in his career, Alex gained clinical experience in private and corporate dental practices working alongside Oral surgeons, Prosthodontists, Endodontists and Periodontists.
During these early years, Alex realized that by gaining in-depth experience in different aspects of dentistry and being exposed to diverse and different approaches to dental diagnosis and treatment modules will allow him to offer his patients the highest level of care.
As a result of these years Alex had established his treatment philosophy: Dentistry, same as medicine, needs to start by comprehensive and accurate diagnosis which relays on skill, knowledge and backed by technology. This is to be followed by detailed planning and only then a high level of treatment.

Throughout his clinical career, Alex has noticed that most people prefer quality yet “in-house” dental care, therefore, Alex insists that his entire dental team will constantly be training and improving to be able to offer most aspects of dental care “in-house” to the highest standard.

Always wanting to learn and improve Alex is passionate about dental technology and materials. Having a background in chemistry you will often find Alex experimenting with new materials and technologies: attempting to improve working protocols and experiment with different applications.

With the advances in digital technology, Alex was able to combine his knowledge of chemistry and passion for the accuracy of 3D design to develop dento-digital treatment protocols which collect digital 3D dental data to pre-plan then carry out accurate and reliable dental solutions for a variety of dental and aesthetic conditions.

Alex has been the principal dentist and owner of Balaclava Dental Care since 2008, implementing his clinical philosophy enabled BDC to grow and become a multi clinician, multi-disciplinary and advanced dental centre. In recent years, due to high patient demand, we found it necessary to expand our operations and now are fortunate to include Malvern Family Dental as a sister clinic, offering the same level of service and care to our existing and new clients.

When not working, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife, three children and 2 dogs. He is a trained Barista who often roasts his own coffee, plays Basketball and loves Mountain Biking with his kids and dogs on the hills and mountains around Melbourne.

Alex is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew.


Dr Stewart Macdonald BDSc (Melb) LDs (VIC)

Dr. Stewart Macdonald graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1971. He practiced dentistry at Malvern Family Dental from 1976 to 2017, then after some long service leave and a short stint in Collins St. Stewart has returned to his old historic rooms.
Stewart has extensive experience and training in all aspects of dentistry with the simple concept that ‘The patient is the most important person in the practice’.
Stewart or as he has been known as Dr Mac now uses his leisure time babysitting his grandchildren, he is also passionate for fishing, golfing and supporting the Essendon Football  Club.

Dr Sonia Barreto

Dr Sonia Barreto was educated at Javeriana University in Colombia, one of the premier dental faculties in South America.

Sonia has practiced in both private and public in Colombia and in Australia. Sonia preforms a wide variety of general dental procedures such as  children dentistry, root canal treatments, implants, surgery and  restorative dentistry. However, Her work  in the specialist department of Prosthodontics at the Dental Hospital in Melbourne has given her a very solid experience in Crown, bridge and Denture as well as aesthetic procedures. 

Sonia’s approach to dentistry is marked by a holistic approach that emphasises the general wellbeing of the patient. This view of dental practice is further enhanced by the Master of Public Health that Sonia obtained by the University of Melbourne.  Sonia has been involved in  evidence-based dental research through all Victoria  that  has contributed to the improvement of  the oral health of the population. 

Sonia believes that good dental health is a significant factor in a person’s overall well-being. Therefore dental treatment not only responds to the immediate dental problem but also contributes to the patient’s general health and we’ll-being. This philosophy characterises Sonia’s practice of dentistry.

Away from dentistry, Dr Sonia Barreto enjoys signing, playing guitar and dancing.

Speaks Spanish and English 


Andrew is a dual citizen hailing from Vancouver Canada and has Australian citizenship. He graduated from Sydney University in 2007 and has 12 years of dental experience. Andrew enjoys all facets of dentistry but has a keen interest in paediatrics.
Andrew was once a national calibre swimmer for Canada and represented his native country on several junior and select state teams that travelled around the world to compete against the world’s best.

Andrew’s passion for dentistry is seen with his countless hours of dedication to his craft and his desire to be a versatile dentist.

Our Staff

You’ll see these friendly faces around the clinic and hear their happy voices on the phone. They’re always more than happy to help our patients out so feel free to direct any enquiries their way if you need any assistance.


Eileen has been in the field of dental nursing for just over 9 years.  She has worked in several practices across Melbourne and regional areas, gaining experience ranging from dental practice management to specialised implants and periodontics.
In her spare time, Eileen enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.  She loves to travel near and far to warmer climates and she especially loves the beach.