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Replacing Missing Teeth with a Dental Implant, Dentures or Bridges

There are a number of options that we can provide to replace any gaps or missing teeth that you may have. In order to help you make a choice that will suit your situation, expectations and lifestyle, our dentist will carefully examine your teeth and gums before discussing the suitability of each alternative.

These options include:

In cases where we plan to remove a tooth or few teeth, we may be able to offer you with options to replace these teeth at the same appointment. If you have any questions regarding the options to replace missing teeth, feel free to give our clinic a call on (03) 9509 1439 – based in Malvern.

Not just dental implants – we also provide dentures

Dentures are removable appliances that are used to replace missing teeth. Carefully created to fit the shape of your gums, they are an excellent option when a number of teeth are missing.

They are made out of pink plastic, used to simulate the appearance of the gums and white plastic teeth that have been matched to your natural teeth in terms of shape and colour.

Dentures can be used if all the teeth are missing from one or both jaws (full dentures), as well as if only one or a few teeth are missing (partial dentures). There are then two different types of partial dentures – plastic acrylic or metal chrome – depending on the material used to create the supporting framework.

These various choices make dentures a very versatile option when replacing missing teeth.


A bridge is a method of replacing one or more missing teeth using a porcelain tooth or teeth attached to the two natural teeth on either side of the gap. There are many ways for the false tooth to connect to the teeth on either side, however, the most common method is to place crowns on each tooth to ensure it does not dislodge. Furthermore, in certain situations, we can bond the false tooth to a tooth next to it – known as a Resin Bonded Bridge. Your dentist will discuss which bridge design is most suitable for your situation, but in either case, the missing tooth is replaced to restore both the function and the appearance of your smile.

With new advancements in technologies, bridges can be tailored to precisely match your existing teeth. They may be made of porcelain or a combination of porcelain and metal. However, both options result in a life-like appearance.

Once we have prepared the teeth for a dental bridge, detailed moulds of your teeth will be taken and sent to our lab to fabricate the prosthesis. While we wait for it to return, we will make you a temporary bridge to ensure that your teeth have are protected and those gaps are filled straight away.

Dental Implants

Implants are artificial roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to replace missing natural teeth. They closely mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, making them an attractive alternative to conventional bridges or dentures.

Depending on the number of teeth to be replaced, one or more implants may need to be inserted, and this will be discussed during your consultation. Implants can even be used to secure full dentures to improve their stability and your comfort.

Implant placement will normally comprise of 3 stages:

  1. Consultation, review of the special X-rays requires for implant placement (CBCT) and digital planning of the surgery.
  2. Implant placement surgery based on our pre-planned design.
  3. Implant restoration based on your individual case and plan.

After this process is complete, patients will leave with a tooth, or teeth, that look and feel real.

All implants are placed according to ADA guidelines to ensure a successful outcome

 Close-up of patientís open mouth before oral checkup with mirror near by

Close-up of patientís open mouth before oral checkup with mirror near by

 Tooth human implant. Dental concept. Human teeth or dentures. 3d illustration

Tooth human implant. Dental concept. Human teeth or dentures. 3d illustration

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